The Cat Lover’s Guide to Maintaining a Clean House

Cats are the sassiest pets out there. No matter how much of a diva they might be, you as an owner will always love them—admit it! Even if they are sassy little creatures that act like they own your home, you have a responsibility as the actual homeowner to maintain a clean and livable house while keeping your cat happy. Here are 10 tips on how to make your home more cat-friendly, so you and your purr-fect friend can get along.

1 Clean Your Cat Weekly

Consider this as your bonding activity with your little kitty. Brushing your cat more or less controls the hair fall in your unit because the brush captures the loose hair instead of it falling all over your floor.

2 Give them Something To Scratch On

So that your furniture won’t turn into scratch posts, give your cat a proper scratch post from the pet store. While you’re there, buy some cat toys too so they can play with those instead of your home accessories.

3 Provide Cat Walks

Give your cat a proper playground by putting up some cat walks in one area of your home. Train them that this is their play area so they don’t wander off on your cabinets and tables with the probability of breaking something.

4 Vacuum Weekly

Cat hairs and dander are unavoidable, unless you have a Sphynx cat with zero hair. Best to vacuum once a week to get the hair out, vacuum more often if someone in the family is susceptible to respiratory diseases like asthma.

5 Buy a Lint Roller

Aside from vacuuming, best to get a lint roller and do a pat down on your furniture every other day. This keeps cat hair at a minimum.

6 Wipe Down Often

Always wipe down your kitchen surfaces, coffee table, and other surfaces that you cat could reach and walk on. You’ll never know where those paws came from and what bacteria they could be spreading on your counter-tops and other surfaces. 

7 Litter Boxes Are a Must

Giving your kitty a litter box in the house is a must. The proper ratio should be one litter box for every two cats. Remember to keep the box away from your kitchen or bedroom. You can keep it in your bathroom or somewhere near the bathroom with a washable mat where your furry ones can “wipe” their paws on. Clean the litter box once-twice a day or right after your pet has done his or her business.

8 Furniture Choice

If it’s better oft have a leather couch for dog lovers, it’s not advisable for cat owners. Suede or microfiber covered pieces are a more prudent choice for cat lovers. Wood will also be prone to scratches so consider metal or metal chairs with wooden texture painted on them as an alternative.

9 Wrap Your Furniture Legs

Protect furniture legs from scratches by providing scratching posts or temporarily wrap a leg or surface with foil (remember that cats should never be de-clawed, for any reason whatsoever) and reinforcing to them that your furniture is not their scratch post.

10 Set Food and Sleeping Stations

Teach your pet the proper places to eat, sleep, and poop/pee. As stubborn as they might be, these pet divas will have a soft spot for you as their owner so just teach them the proper places they should be doing what. Also, always leave a water source.

11 Layer a Blanket

If you notice that your cat has a favorite siesta spot in your home (say the couch, or your favorite accent chair), put a cheap blanket on that spot and let them sleep there. If you have guests over, instead of pulling out your lint roller and running it on the seating in front of your guests, all you have to do is pull the blanket off the chair.