Christmas Gift Ideas For The Titos and Titas of Manila

The Titos and Titas of Manila have evolved from being a marginalized few to a lifestyle most people aspire for. Brunch with the girls over sangria or sipping a whisky in the barbershop, the Titos and Titas of Manila are almost as cool as the Manila Millennials. This Christmas, give your titos and titas awesome and functional gifts to add to their collection.



For The Titas of Manila

The w(h)ine and cheese night queen deserves Christmas gifts that are as chic as her. Here are some Christmas gift ideas to make your favorite tita, may you guys be blood-related or not, say “I love it!” in a Kris Aquino voice.

Christmas Gift Ideas Titos Titas of Manila

1 Make her room smell and look lovely. Tea light holder from BoConcept

2 Let Tita store her tea and coffee in these cute cans. Coffee canisters (P1195.18cm, P895/19cm), from Habitat

3 A super instagram-worthy Cheese platter is a must. Cheese platter from Crate & Barrel

4 If your Tita of Manila doesn’t have a shawl, is she even a real Tita? Thin throw blanket, from H&M Home

5 This book is a Tita essential, shameless plug aside. MyHome Inspiring Interiors Vol. 3 (P750), from all leading bookstores

6 A sleek coffee maker for slow Manila mornings. Extract Coffee maker (P1295), from Habitat


For The Titos of Manila

Floral polo shirts aside, the Titos of Manila are a growing segment that is all about dapper and sophistication. Here are some Christmas Gift Ideas for the super chill Tito of Manila.

Christmas Gift Ideas Titos Titas of Manila


1 Give your Tito a swanky bedside partner. Desk lamp (P12,900), from Habitat

2 A very New York Clock for your on-the-go Tito. Clock (P599.75) from SM Home

3 Give his bachelor pad an update. Pillow from H&M Home

4 Leather is a Tito staple. WTN Planner 2018 (P680) from @wtn_wheretonext

5 Precious pairs should be properly stored. Cedar shoe form (P1250), from Habitat

6 A bathing set that will make bathing more refreshing. Towels from Crate & Barrel

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