Ikea Swears By These 3 After Meal Cleaning Hacks!

Everyone loves gathering around the table for a hearty meal partnered with great conversations. Aside from the mealtime itself, the planning it takes to think about  what to serve and how to serve it are usually the more exciting parts of an intimate dinner with your loved ones. Love it or hate it, cleaning up after that fancy meal is a must. In a blog post by Ikea posted over the holidays, the Swedish brands share how you can make cleaning up after a meal more fun and efficient. Here are 3 After Meal Cleaning Hacks the Swedish brand swears by!


1 Scrape Dishes With a Spatula

If you ever tried cleaning up spaghetti or other sauces from your plates, you know the amount of grease it leaves on your sponge. The grease also passes on Also, if you have tiny rice bits on your plate and wash the plates you’ll get a clogged sink midway washing the dishes. Scrape your plates clean and let the sauces and remaining food in your biodegradable or compost bin. This also lessens the need for you to run the dishes under water longer, saving water in the long run.


2 Basket Bin

So you don’t have to go back and forth the kitchen sink and the dining table with dirty plates and glasses, Ikea’s cleaning hack is to have a large plastic bin and load all the dirty dishes there. Not only does this cleaning hack save you energy from going back and forth, it also spares you the danger of breaking your glass plates and crystal pieces.  


3 Store For Lunch

If you’re packing leftovers, might as well pack the meals in lunch containers if you’ll be eating it for lunch the next day. Purchase glass containers for each member of the family and store the leftovers in them, rationing and proportioning enough for one member of the family to eat over lunch.  


Photo from pidgeonenglish.com