EXCLUSIVE: 5 Questions with Interior Designer Leo Almeria

Fluid, Filipino, and aesthetically functional—on paper, these encapsulate Interior Designer Leo Almeria’s design philosophy easily. Beyond theory, however, his design senses is a clash of contrasts: simple enough to be easily appreciated, but complicated and intricately composed for a timeless elegance. Leo is from the Philippine School of Interior Design and the University of Santo Tomas. His project list entails Manila Metropolitan Theater rehabilitation and conservation, NCCA Office, Kristina Suite B&B in Ilocos Norte, Hoptel Alejandro in Tacloban, and residences in Greenmeadows and Highlands Tagaytay.

We ask Interior Designer Leo Almeria about his unique take a perpetually evolving homes and the importance of a truly Filipino and modern design.

1 What is your design philosophy?

My design philosophy involves just three things. It should be simple, functional, but aesthetically sound.

2 How do you apply your philosophy in your designs?

When you say something is simple, it’s something that’s easy to the eyes and not at all contrived. I want it to flow naturally and be spontaneous. Functionality pertains to matching the owner’s needs. The space should facilitate the owner’s lifestyle and grow with the client, so it can address their concerns even through the years. And aesthetics, it should be pleasing to the eyes. It doesn’t have to be trendy, but instead timeless.

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3 Is there a style that you try to incorporate?

With our tropical climate, I want my designs to be suitable to the Filipino lifestyle. At the same time, Filipino pride na rin—I want to showcase what we can do and what our Filipino talents can do. So I either use antiques or the works of our contemporary Filipino artists. Hindi ako naglalagay ng Mondrian–Amorsolo, Legaspi, or Impy Pilapil ako.

4 What’s your dream project?

At my age now, I want something that has to do with conservation and cultural preservation. I like project that cater to and showcase the Filipino works, ika nga, may Filipino pride.

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5 What’s your biggest design challenge and how did you deal with it?

Indecisive clients. I still have those who push for what they want, so we work through how many drafts. But in the end, they still go with the first design. So what I do is I educate clients. Because it’s your job as the interior designer to educate them on what can be done and to manage the project so it will all come together.


Contact Interior Designer Leo Almeria and his frim Leo Almeria Interior Design at leomalmeria@yahoo.com or (02) 431-4378.

This story first appeared on MyHome magazine July 2017. Edits have been made for MyHomeDesign.Onemega.com