Which Items to Prioritize When Moving in Your First Condo

So you finally made it, you have the keys to your first condo. You’re excited to move in and adorn it with furniture and accessories to truly make it your home. If you’re doing the move on your own, here’s a list on which items should go first and last so you can move in with ease.


The First Priority: Bed, Table, Chairs

These three things are the most essential things to have in any home, be it a condo or a house. Add these first before you add other pieces of furniture or appliances. Big pieces of furniture take time to be delivered so talk to your supplier when to expect your couch or Eames lounge chair.


The Second Priority: Appliances

Just like furniture, some appliances take time to be delivered so schedule it with your supplier wisely. Prioritize your air conditioner and refrigerator first followed by a cooktop, microwave, and rice cooker, especially if you plan on cooking and entertaining in your new condo. Entertainment consoles such as the TV, surround sound systems, game consoles can come in later. Unless you can’t live without them, place them in ASAP (no judge).


The Third Priority: Essential Items

Plates, cutlery, glasses, bed sheets, duvets come next. Of course, your first home needs these items in order to be livable. Count in shower curtains and bathroom accessories in the list.


Fourth Priority: Accessories

Styling items such as candles, throw blankets, and artworks come last as these are more for aesthetics over function. The accessories are icing on the cake so they always come last.


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