Here’s Leo Almeria’s Top 3 Tips for Homeowners

Fluid, Filipino, and aesthetically functional—on paper, these encapsulate Interior Designer Leo Almeria’s design philosophy easily. Beyond theory, however, his design senses is a clash of contrasts: simple enough to be easily appreciated, but complicated and intricately composed for a timeless elegance.

Leo is from the Philippine School of Interior Design and the University of Santo Tomas. His project list entails Manila Metropolitan Theater rehabilitation and conservation, NCCA Office, Kristina Suite B&B in Ilocos Norte, Hotel Alejandro in Tacloban, and residences in Greenmeadows and Highlands Tagaytay.

Here’s Interior Designer Leo Almeria’s tips for homeowners, he encapsulates it into 3 simple letters: A,B,C.

A- Area

“Area. Study what you have. Is it small or large? Where is it located? What’s the view? Is it on a mountain or a condo? Know your location, your area, and your size.”

Surely, one important thing about design is context of the area. This plays a huge role in what your future home should look like. The area dictates what type of materials should be used, what type of floor plan should be best, and so on.


“Budget, of course. It could be money, time, and labor.”

Surely, you space’s design will rely heavily on your budget. You can’t have velvet and marble if your budget is only meant for plastic containers and simple ottomans.

C-Character Expression

“C, character expression. The most important thing for me is that the space should exude the personality of the homeowner.”

Design can’t just be about function, style and personality are two important aspects in turning a space into your own real home.

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