Mental Presence: The Big Thing Missing in Homes Right Now

No one can deny that we are at the Renaissance of a technological era. We live in a time where people can see each other even if they’re miles apart and you can book a car to pick you up from point a to b, all of that just through your phone. You can even get a 360 walk-through of someone’s house without leaving yours. Vacuum cleaning? A little round disk can do it for you. Cleaning up after you’ve done your business in the toilet? The toilet will wash you up and even flush it down automatically.

Indeed, technology has changed the way we live, be it in the home or elsewhere. However, while our phones do connect us to the world and tick off miniscule home tasks, the challenge of truly connecting offline in an internet-connected world is an ironic challenge. Genuine mental presence at home is something parents and families should be concerned about. 

In an annual research by IKEA, “there is a quest for mental presence within the home” and technology is one of the main culprits of this mental absence.  In the same study, IKEA discovers that “41% of Filipinos worry about balancing time with kids and time spent online.”

So while your family might be sharing the family room together with the TV on, everyone is mentally elsewhere on their phones. If this image looks a lot like your nights at home, allocating technology-free spaces in your condo should be something to consider.

With social media growing by the second and remote controlled houses turning into a norm, more and more households are limiting exposure to gadgets at home. This doesn’t mean that they don’t have wi-fi or microwaves, it simply means that within the house there are rooms where technology is completely banned. This will help you and your family have a mental presence at home, resulting in more quality time spent together. 

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People who have gone through this “technological decluttering” at home share that it as made them more present at home and more refreshed. Perhaps it’s because of the minimized exposure to fake news and nasty comments. Either way, if you’re a parent, you have every right put your foot down and lessen you child’s exposure to technology. Especially if you feel like they’re starting to be dependent on in. Always allot family time at home without gadgets, be it over the weekends or an hour at the end of each day. Having a mental presence at home is what makes a house different from a home.