Take a Look Inside Mylene Dizon’s Home

Anyone who has grown up in a Filipino home knows the name Mylene Dizon. The actress is no stranger to local films and drama shows. Starting her career in the late 90s, Mylene is now a mom of two and is a happy homeowner of this humble and cozy space. Here are some details of Mylene’s eclectic and warm home.


Primary Colors

Upon entry, one can notice that Mylene’s home plays around with the primary colors: red, yellow, and blue. It is balanced out by the white walls at side of the living room.

Mylene Dizon

Filipino Antique Pieces

Across Mylene’s house are a variety of antique Filipino pieces that give the home its unique quirkiness. Before entering Mylene’s bedroom, a plattera holds fort in the hallway, housing books, photos, souvenirs, and other mementos important to Mylene.

Mylene Dizon

Brick Walls

Upon entry, the Dizon home has a red brick wall for a warm industrial feel. In Mylene’s bedroom, there is a white brick wall for a more cooling effect. Around the entertaining areas and other hallways, white French molded walls take center stage. Surely, this homeowner knows how to accessorize its walls.


Mix and Match

No furniture piece in the house  matches and that’s what makes it work. In the dining room, chairs round the dining table come in different styles and different finishes of wood for a more rustic feel. In contrast to this very warm dining set, white French wall moldings and two simple chandeliers were installed for that sense of elegance. On the wall hangs a charcoal piece framed in silver by Kiko Escora.

Mylene Dizon

Surf and Seaside Charm

Aside from being an actress and a mom, Mylene is also a proud surfer and sea lover. This is something she wanted to be seen in her home. In her bedroom, we see a photo of the ocean (taken by Jojit Lorenzo) and a yellow surfboard. “I actually have five, but i’m still finding space for it,” she shares.

Mylene Dizon

Blue and Industrial For Her Boys

A mother of two, Mylene had a playful and industrial setting for her boys. In the room is a blue locker closet, a caged fit-in closet to the left, and a street lamp as a lighting fixture. Aside from sharing a bunk bed, the two boys also have a shared study table in their room.

Mylene Dizon

This story first appeared in MyHome August 2016, written by Kara Gonzales and photographed by Greg Mayo. Edits have been made for MyHomeDesign.ph.