Paula “Pau” Monzon defines good design as creating an aesthetically pleasing space without compromising function. She also finds great inspiration in nature and the outdoors. “I have always been fond of bringing the outside in, especially the element of water. I like using shades of blue and balancing it with touches of white. It’s the same reason why I am partial to Ethan Allen’s Estate POD, which has a fresh take on the beauty of blue and white done with a modern and nautical feel.”

Specializing in residential interiors, Pau advises homeowners to be creative yet practical when dealing with the design of their homes. “Do your research and be inspired by different things. Above all, consider your personal comfort. Don’t go for elements only because they are trendy. Always remember that you will be the one who’s going to live in that space so make sure that you are comfortable being inside it”, she says.

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